Oklahoma D-Day 2010

Oklahoma D-Day 2010


RAP4 congratulates the thousands of players who made Oklahoma D-Day an outstanding success again this year! Your elevated level of play, despite thousands of opponents and the brutal heat, deserves special recognition...just as your missions require special equipment. In honor of this year's Oklahoma D-Day event, RAP4 is proud to announce this special promotional deal.

Thank you to all the players who visited the RAP4 booth and tried out the award-winning T68 SplitFire marker. Last year you asked for more RIS-interface accessories, more mag-fed options, and more M4 configurations...and it was our pleasure this year to bring our latest and best gear for you to try. Meeting our players is the highlight of being a vendor at Oklahoma D-Day, and we hope that visiting our booth is a highlight for your trip as well!

RAP4 would also like to recognize the staff who make the game possible and keep the players safe. Great games need great referees, logistics staff, and other hard workers. Thanks for all you do behind the scenes to make this tactical event successful and bring together such legions of dedicated players.

Want a guided tour of this year's field, with all of the amazing improvements since 2009? Take a tour here
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