Operation: End War - Arming You Right for the Battle of a Lifetime!

scenario paintball game

Operation: End War - Arming You Right for the Battle of a Lifetime!

Operation: End War will not only redefine the scenario gaming experience, it will leave you a better-equipped player! This is the world's first scenario to limit paintball markers to only magazine-fed models, such as the T68 SplitFire and the RAM Combat Pistol, with the goal in mind of creating the most realistic milsim gaming experience to date - you don't see hoppers in Afghanistan, and you don't find brightly colored speedball-style combatants in Fallujah.

And you won't find that stuff at Operation: End War, either...it's milsim all the way, from the scenarios to the gear. If it takes a magazine, looks as real as it gets, and fits with the military aesthetic, you're good to go. For players who haven't made the leap of self-confidence to limited paint in magazine-fed markers, here's your chance to upgrade your arsenal.

Pre-paid registrants for Operation: End War will receive access to exclusive offers from title sponsor RAP4. After your registration is complete, you qualify for your choice of two exclusive gear packages. Register today, order tomorrow, practice this weekend...and when End War comes around in October, you'll be ready to command the field!

Package Deal One: You get the cutting-edge T68 Gen6 .68 caliber semi-automatic marker, an exact replica of the M4 carbine currently in service around the world. To feed it, you get three 18 round magazines - they detach and interchange just like magazines on the real M4. You get a 3000psi HPA tank, a three-magazine pouch and belt to strap it to your body. All this would retail for well over $600, but is available in this exclusive package for only $350.

Package Deal Two: You get the newly release RAP4 XPower .43 caliber marker, which is an identical reproduction of the M4 carbine that accepts twenty round detachable magazines. The XPower uses brass, or biodegradable, shells around its .43 caliber paint to allow the spring pressure necessary to keep up with its insane cyclic rate. These cases then eject out of the right side of the marker, just like shells out of the real M4! The package includes three magazines for the XPower, a 3000psi HPA tank, three-mag pouch and belt.

For $25 more, you can upgrade the pouch and belt to a full-on Strikeforce Vest, and carry far more gear...in complete comfort.

Are you planning to bring your own magazine fed marker, like the T68 SplitFire you already use? That's awesome - every player who brings their own magazine-fed marker (and thus doesn't need the rental package) gets a $50 voucher towards any purchase on www.rap4.com...so you can get the rest of the gear you need to become the ultimate mag-fed player.

Get your team registered now for the October 2-3 event...and use these incredible offers to get geared up to practice this weekend!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

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