Operation: End War - Complete Video Released

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RAP4 and Viper Paintball are raising the bar on tactical game-play once again with Operation: End War 2! Following the tremendous success of Operation: End War last year, the scenario game is returning to TAG Paintball in Hollister, California, on October 1st-2nd.

This exciting scenario game features a game-changing rule: only magazine-fed markers are allowed! This keeps firepower limited to realistic levels, and heightens the game-play experience through the use of hyper-realistic markers that look, handle, and reload just like the real things. Also, with the limited paint per magazine, there is an enforced focus on tactics, marksmanship, and teamwork - no facing down unlimited full-auto, and no relying on spray-and-pray to overcome the odds.

In Operation: End War, you have to do it the way the professionals do: with cunning, accuracy, and courage.

To get those mag-fed markers into everyone's hands easily, RAP4 is proud to announce their sponsorship of a free rental package for all paid registrants - just tell them that you need a mag-fed marker, and they'll reserve a T68 Gen7 with three magazines and a bandolier to carry them in for you when you check in! Players wishing to purchase equipment can upgrade their Tippmann or other dedicated scenario marker with the Tacamo mag-fed conversion bodies (that replace your marker's body, so you rely on the same internal parts you already trust) for 50% off! Players looking for a marker built around the mag-fed design can pick up an Operation: End War package deal on a T68 Gen7 marker at 50% off!

To make this action truly as real as it gets, Viper Paintball will run the show with their proprietary scenario scoring software and industry-leading scenario management. With objectives coming due based on an evolving storyline and commanders in charge of convertible assets as well as points and their players on the field, they can develop cunning strategies and evolve their tactics to make use of amazing props and the full field! With meaningful, engaging, challenging missions for every player, even the same-day registrants will have world-class challenges that truly matter...

...but pre-register now and angle for the role playing specialties of Demolitions, Nuclear Physicist, Sniper, and more! Once you're registered, you'll get access to information that immerses you in Operation: End War 2!

Then it's up to you to practice, and bring your A-game.
For more information on this amazing game, visit: http://www.operationendwar.com
For more information on Viper's RTS, visit: http://www.viperpaintball.com
For more information on the field, visit: http://www.tag-paintball.com
For more information on mag-fed markers, visit: http://www.rap4.com
View 2010 End War video: http://operationendwar.com/videos-and-photos
Register for 2011 End War: http://operationendwar.com/game-registration

RAP4 - As Real As It Gets!

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