STU Tactical Web Belt (Woodland)

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The starting point for any well-balanced tactical load is a sturdy belt, and the STU Tactical Web Belt is ready to serve. Available in the latest military patterns to match the rest of your gear, this belt features a heavy duty buckle in front that makes it easy to take on and off. The wide ballistic nylon construction sits well on your hips, and is ready to support pouches, holsters, radios, drop-leg holsters, and more. Attach your load bearing vest’s securing straps to the STU Tactical Web Belt, and you’ll hold your vest securely to your body to keep it from flapping as you run.

Key Features:

- Ballistic nylon construction
- Heavy duty buckle
- Wide, comfortable design
- Holds plenty of pouches and gear
- Secures your vest

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Get Belt Accessories:

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