Carbine Buttstock For Tippmann A5

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This collapsible multi-position stock was made for a real military carbine...but then we attached an adapter that mounts it directly to the receiver on your Tippmann A5! Designed to outlast your marker, this 6-position collapsible stock extends to offer you a full-length stock when you need to take careful aim...and collapses through different set-points to offer you that same length of pull even when you wear a coat, vest, or other thick garments.

This Carbine Buttstock collapses forwards to get out of your way when running, transporting the marker, or riding along in armor...just like the stock on a duty-issue M4! When you’re ready to shoot, slide it rearwards into position for a custom fit every time!

It installs in moments—just remove the pins holding in the rear receiver plug on your A5, insert the Carbine Buttstock, reinstall the pins, and get back to the field with your seriously upgraded marker!

Key Features:

- Real military stock
- 6 position, collapsible/extendable
- Easily installs, removes
- Greatly enhances aesthetics
- Enhances accuracy potential



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