.68 Cal Target Balls™ System for Combat-x

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Target Ball™ Paintball Target Practice System

Enormous 15" target system with rubber core Target Balls™ .

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Key Feature of Target Balls™:
• No mess; paintless and reusable
• Cleans barrel while having fun
• Target practice without going to the field
• Ideal for improving for your skill shots
• Works with all Hopper Fed Markers


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.68cal Package Includes:
- 1 x Target
- 40 x Target Balls™


    • Wear safety goggles and face mask at all times when using Target Balls.
    • User and any person within range must wear eye and ear protection designed for paintball
    • Any person under the age of 18 should use the equipment under adult supervision.
    • Keep all equipment away from small children
    • Misuse of this protect my cause serious injury or death.
    • Read your safety and user the manual of your paintball marker before using it with Target Balls



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