Medic Pouch (German Flecktarn)

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* This pouch can also be attached to your web belt.
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These pouches attach on the sides of our vests to conveniently carry Airsoft magazines, paint tubes, tanks, and more. They are completely modular so you can develop a custom configuration. This keeps your gear, and thus you, versatile for every mission.

MOD Pouches attach to our vests through a MOLLE system—the standard design in military and law enforcement gear! That means our MOD pouches are mil-spec and compatible with all standard MOLLE gear.

These new RAP4 MOD Pouches are in stock and ready to ship!

MOD Medic Pouch: This is your ideal utility pouch. A zipper fully encloses the contents to keep your small items—like paint tickets, maps, communications gear, medic “bandages,” etc—clean and dry. It has enough room to carry what you need on the field for the longest scenario game!

Our pouches improve the versatility of the RAP4 Tactical Vest, and can be used with the MOLLE gear you already own. Get full functional flexibility for the 2006 scenario season with the MOD Pouches, or start the season right with a RAP4 Tactical Vest and MOD Pouch versatility!



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