APS RAM 1R (M4A3) (Blue)

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APS RAM 1R (M4A3) (Blue)

Interactive police and military training...and scenario domination

RAP4 is proud to introduce the APS RAM 1R Blue series of milsim markers. APS RAM 1R Blue Series markers are designed for interactive law enforcement training—as real as it gets without using bullets.

The Blue Series is so realistic, we use colored handguards and magazines so you know in an instant which is your marker and which is actually your duty rifle! This adds a level of safety to training exercises without compromising real-handling characteristics. The Blue Series is the safe choice when you demand the best, with sensible precautions.

APS RAM 1R Blue Series markers is designed to be the world's first paintball markers externally identical to the legendary M4 carbine—with functional similarities you have to feel to believe. The only big difference is that APS RAM 1R Blue Series markers don’t—and can’t—fire bullets, making them safe for training and legal in countries where you can’t own firearms!

The M4 is the U.S. Military's weapon of choice, and is used by SWAT teams, Special Operations Group forces, and Militaries around the world because of its solid construction and durability—more attributes they share with the 
APS RAM 1R Blue.

These markers are designed to replicate the look, feel, and user interaction of the real M4—such as using a magazine to feed paintballs, paintball-case ejection after every shot, and the option of a collapsible or solid stock. They don’t use hoppers, and the special CO2 tank is hidden by the stock...so it looks, feels, and points just like a duty-issue M4.

APS RAM 1R Blue Series shoots .43 caliber paintballs which are loaded into alloy, or biodegradable plastic, shells. These keep the paintballs intact under spring tension in the magazine, and give you that realistic shell ejection on every shot!

APS RAM 1R Blue key features include:

- Semi-only
- 20 round detachable magazine
- Can be fully submerged in water
- Shell casing ejection after each shot
- Adjustable velocity from 350 fps to 450 fps
- All metal construction
- Air power source hidden inside the stock
- Simple to operate and easy to maintain

Our engineers have improved the 
APS RAM 1R Blue line’s accuracy, range, and detail. Added realism comes from the locking up the trigger when the magazine is emptied, mimicking the standard operation of real-world firearms. For reliability, aesthetics, handling, and realism, there is no equal to RAP4—they keep setting the standard for milsim paintball markers.


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