Pressure Release Valve for Remote Line

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The Pressure Release Valve for Remote Line allows you to disconnect your remote line without having to shutoff your tank and fight taking it off. With the Pressure Release Valve you can easily disengage your marker while your air tank is still connected. This Pressure Release Valve is compatible with any remote line.

Key features:
- Quickly release line pressure
- Compatible with all remote line
- Easy to use

-- Instruction --
How to use the Remote Line

1. Connect remote line to air tank
2. Move pressure release valve to the down position
3. Turn on air tank
4 Connect remote line to marker
5. Move pressure release valve to the up position
Ready for Action: Cock back your marker and you are ready to play
7. Move pressure release valve the down position (air will burst out)
8. Remove the remote line from marker
9. Oil the Pressure Release Valve after each use.

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