M4 Carbine Kit for Tippmann® A-5® (Marker NOT included)

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Turn your Tippmann A5 into a tactical M4 assault rifle with this carbine package. Your marker distant and accuracy will be greatly improved as well. The tactical barrel kit is the ultimate realistic upgrade for your marker. It comes with a 16" M4 style barrel with a removable muzzle brake. The muzzle can be removed to install silencer, grenade launcher and other awesome upgrades. This kit also comes with a M4 style front sight, tactical handguard, carry handle and a buttstock. This is a complete kit that is ready for action. Take your game to the next level with this tactical barrel kit.


Barrel Kit Disassemble Instructions

Step 1: Twist to loosen the muzzle brake.

Step 2: Separate the muzzle brake from the barrel.

Step 3: Loosen the front sight fixing screw.

Step 4: Separate the front sight from the barrel.

Step 5: Loosen the rear cap fixing screws (3x).

Step 6: Separate the front and rear caps from the hand guard.

Step 7: Separate the top and bottom hand guard covers from the barrel.


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