#59 45 Degree Feed \ Hopper Adapter

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The 45 Degree Feed Hopper Adapter is a must-have part for all mag-fed marker owners. Every now and again, your mission will call for the maximum onboard firepower our sport allows—like when you take on the role of squad machine gunner, or need to overpower opponents with high-capacity markers. That’s when it’s good to be able to put your old hopper back on your T68.

This adapter replaces the chamber in your mag-fed T68 with one oriented to accept paint from a standard 45 degree, right hand feed. So keep your old hopper and a spare 45 degree elbow in your gear bag, and get this 45 Degree Feed Hopper Adapter so that when you need that extra onboard capacity, you can easily swap in this part and adapt to the mission.

Key Features:

- Enables T68 marker to accept hopper
- OEM part
- Tough construction
- Easily installed

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