Tacamo Krinkov Removable Magazine Kit for Tippmann® A-5®

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Upgrade the look of your Tippmann A5 with the Krinkov Removable Magazine! In this two part kit you get a magwell that attaches securely to your A5, and a removable metal magazine that inserts just like the real deal! Squeeze the release lever as you rotate the magazine out of the magwell and it comes free just like a real AK mag, giving you the option of playing with it for a realistic AK experience...or removing it easily when you need to run a lighter rig for awhile.

The term Krinkov is broadly applied to compact, carbine-size versions of the AK74, the updated version of the AK47. The twenty round magazine at the heart of the Kinkov Removable Magazine Kit bespeaks the compact size of the Krinkov, and is perfect for building a carbine size and weight version of your A5.

Want to upgrade the rest of your A5 into the very image of a Krinkov? Check out the Tacamo Krinkov Handguard and Barrel Kit, which comes with a sweet shooting Recon barrel!

The Krinkov Side Folding Buttstock for Tippmann A5 is a real folding stock made with a sturdy mount that locks it in the extended position for secure shooting...and then lets it swing to the right side of your marker just like many Krinkov stocks!

Or take your A5 all the way in one easy package that includes the foregrip, magazine and magwell, scope and folding stock! The foregrip and stock are made in a facility that makes parts for military-contract AKs! Check out this great kit here: http://www.rap4usa.com/store/paintball/tippmann-a5-krinkov-kit-marker-not-included

With the Krinkov Removable Magazine for Tippmann A-5, you’re well on your way to creating the ultimate AK-simulation A5!

Key Features Include:

- Metal construction
- Magazine is detachable
- Real-world specifications used in design
- Fit all Tippmann A5, (Classic and New A5)

Compatible with the following removable Tacamo Magazine.
Tacamo 10 Rounds Steel Magazine SKU: 014466
Tacamo 20 Rounds Steel Magazine SKU: 008713
Tacamo 30 Rounds Steel Magazine SKU: 008714
Tacamo 20 Rounds Polymer Magazine SKU: 008696
Tacamo RPK Drum Magazine, SKU: 010506

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