Exacto Laser Sight

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The Exacto Laser Sight is a durable and powerful laser sight. It comes with everything you need to mount on rifles, pistols and paintball guns. Exacto Laser Sight is mil specs. and is made to be used with firearms.

Exacto Laser 15" Long Switch: with Pressure Pad to turn the laser on or off.

ON/OFF Switch: replaces the pressure pad activation cord to give you the option of one touch turn on and one touch turn off switch so that your Exacto Laser Sight can remain constantly on.

Exacto Laser Sight Mount: Mounts to any standard base and Picatinny rail without tools.

Universal Barrel Mount: Mounts to any standard single barrel rifle or shotgun with a barrel size of 0.55" ~ 1.06" (14mm ~ 27mm)

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