Extreme Enforcer Kit for Tippmann® 98® (Marker NOT included)

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The Extreme Enforcer kit is a top-end performance-enhancing kit for turning your Tippmann 98 into an intense scenario marker! The Skeleton Buttstock attaches securely to the rear of your marker, and provides the perfect length of pull when you raise your marker to shoot. Track moving targets with ease when you use this tactical stock.

Up front, the kit comes with three awesome upgrades: a 12” Recon Barrel that uses its rifling to stabilize your paint in flight, which leads to greatly improved accuracy; a mid-length Tactical RIS Handguard that provides four long rails for attaching just about any accessory with a mil-spec RIS attachment point; and the dramatic Special Ops Thread-On Silencer that reproduces the look of silencers currently in use throughout the Special Forces!

Truly setting this kit apart are the tactical accessories that mount to your receiver. The Extreme Enforcer Kit comes with a Tri-Mount Riser that elevates the (included) True Target Point Sight above the bore line so that you can use the sight even while wearing paintball goggles. This riser features an additional mil-spec RIS rail on each side, giving you three RIS rails for attaching lights, lasers, sights, and other gear with RIS mounts…

…like the included Tactical Flashlight with Rail Mount! Light up the night game, illuminate the dark recesses of structures, see your way through tunnels, and find tools in the dark around your campsite when you switch on this powerful, rail-mountable tactical flashlight!

This kit provides everything you need to get the look and feel of a truly custom mil-sim marker…and everything you need to get that first shot on target every time.

Key Features Include:

- True Target Point Sight is a light red dot scope

- 4 RIS rails for maximum customization

- Most realistic silencer available

- Accuracy-enhancing 12” rifled barrel

- Stock for stable shooting

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