Crossfire Kit for Tippmann® 98® (Marker NOT included)

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The Crossfire Kit for Tippmann 98 includes everything you need to upgrade the Tippmann 98 you already own into the game-winning Crossfire configuration. Featuring a red dot sight, collapsible stock, clamping feed neck, Recon Barrel, and tactical handguard, this is a premier kit for upgrading the Tippmann 98 marker.

The M4-style multi-position collapsible stock slides forwards to make your marker as compact as possible when you transition to close quarters battle, climb aboard a tank or troop carrier, or when wearing a bulky vest or coat. Extend the stock and you’ll get a custom length of pull every time so that your marker feels right and points true!

The upper receiver rail included in the Crossfire Kit adds an RIS rail to your receiver, to which you can mount the included LETS 1x46mm Red Dot Sight. Use the red dot to get on target faster than ever before, and marvel at how the large objective gives you an expansive view of the field.

The clamping feed neck tightens down around your hopper’s feed neck so that it won’t rotate or fall out of position as you slide, climb, or transition to your paint pistol.

The included Tactical Barrel Kit gives you a Recon Barrel with dramatic real world–inspired flash hider, front sight assembly with post front sight, sling attachment point, and faux bayonet lug. The handguards are a reproduction of carbine-length handguards on the M4 carbine, giving you both the look and feel of the real deal!

This kit helps you get on target fast and track your opponents across the field, get a custom-length stock for every application, and turn your Tippmann 98 marker into an exciting M4-inspired package. Upgrade your gear and change your game today!

Key Features Include:

- 46mm LETS Red Dot Sight

- Collapsible Carbine Butt Stock

- Tactical Barrel Kit

- Clamping Feed Neck


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