T68 Split Fire Dual Feed Less Lethal Launcher

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T68 SplitFire Less Lethal Launcher features a dual-source ammunition feeding system, capable of providing two different types of .68 caliber ammunition at the turn of a dial. This tactical training tool is also useful on the street for subduing individuals and groups when less-lethal force is appropriate.

The T68 SplitFire can carry two types of ammunition simultaneously, and allows the operator to select the most effective projectiles for the situation—then change back as needed. All at the turn of a dial. When the situation changes, so can your ammunition. Immediately.

The T68 SplitFire is the latest less-lethal launcher available exclusively to military, law enforcement, and correctional officers. The patent-pending T68 SplitFire incorporates a fully functional 18 round detachable magazine-feed system, along with a hopper adapter for large quantities of ammunition. Accessory interchangeability with paintball-based training arms and duty firearms allows for a world of configurations: RIS, CQB, Special Ops, with onboard (hidden) air source, remote lines, red dot sights, scopes, flashlights, grenade launchers…and the dual-ammunition feed. When you need more than the eighteen rounds in the detachable magazine—or when you need a second type of projectile available immediately—the optional hopper holds another 200 projectiles.

The T68 SplitFire has a removable carry handle with standard iron sights that are adjustable for elevation and windage. With the carry handle removed, the T68 SplitFire can take any standard scope, sight, or mount on the flattop rail. They have endless configurations, and are fully compatible with mil-spec attachments. The T68 SplitFire has an authentic charging handle just like a real assault rifle, making it ideal for cross-training…and deployment by personnel already familiar with M4 carbine variants.

The T68 SplitFire is designed to facilitate, and withstand, combat training. It is designed to take punishment and provide ease of maintenance. Military and law enforcement units can use the T68 SplitFire for tactical training in facilities where firearms are not suitable. With water-filled Non-Lethal Clear Training projectiles, the SplitFire allows personnel to train in “borrowed” buildings, leaving no mess behind…and enabling personnel to train in offices, schools, factories, and other places off-limits to marking or metallic projectiles.

With its replication of M4 dimensions and balance, the T68 SplitFire is perfect for room clearing and entry training, teaching CQB marksmanship, and instilling firearm safety. The ergonomics and controls are nearly identical to M4 carbines, giving officers a true-to-life feel as if they were training with their duty gear.

With the T68 SplitFire the operator can quickly select the appropriate projectile by simply turning the selector wheel. This rotates the chamber to align a feeding hole with either the magazine, to access one type of ammunition, or the hopper, to access the other—or to secure the chamber for magazine-only, or hopper-only use.

Having two types of ammunition onboard simultaneously gives you far greater field efficacy. RAP4 offers a variety of less-lethal projectiles for achieving suspect compliance, less-lethal self defense, window breaching, training, and crowd control. The combinations are nearly endless, and allow you two response levels at the turn of a dial.

The T68 SplitFire is built with an internal Flexi-Air system that puts your air tank inside the multi-position stock. You may also employ a full-size air tank as a stock, or use an air remote system with a tank in your vest. The T68 SplitFire is able to cycle through thousands of shots without requiring maintenance. When maintenance or repair is needed, the T68 SplitFire is so easy to work on that it can be completely torn down and rebuilt in less than 5 minutes…an armorer’s dream.

To protect your investment, each T68 SplitFire comes with a 5 year warranty from defects in manufacturing or material—one of the longest product warranties you'll find in the industry.

The T68 SplitFire launchers are designed to replicate the look, feel, and general handling of M4 carbines. As such, the aesthetics of this highly realistic tool help officers gain control of the suspect's fear, encouraging them to surrender, de-escalating the situation and reducing the number of use-of-force incidents.

If you have to shoot, you have eighteen rounds in the magazine, and/or 200 in the hopper, at the ready just as fast as you can squeeze the trigger. With accessory rails all over, you also have room to mount tactical flashlights and sights, foregrips, and other useful tools. Set it up with peripherals common to your duty carbine, and the ergonomics are identical—your flashlight is right there where you expect it, and the sights are the same whether aiming with your firearm or the T68 SplitFire. You can opt for a blue or red replacement heat shield to immediately differentiate between firearm and SplitFire, even in low light…without compromising its suspect-intimidation factor.

The T68 SplitFire uses a high pressure air system to propel various .68 caliber rounds with enough kinetic force to get the suspect's attention. Upon impact, Less Lethal Capsaicin Projectiles unleash a cloud of capsaicin powder that seriously irritates the suspect’s eyes, nose and throat. Rubber Training Projectiles sting and stun without significant harm. Glass Breaking Balls open windows rather dramatically. Non-Lethal Clear Training Projectiles, Paintball Marking Projectiles, and Powder Training Projectiles are useful in live-fire force-on-force training. These and other projectiles make the .68 caliber SplitFire an outstanding training device and tool for achieving suspect compliance.

The projectiles do not penetrate skin, and those that break on impact do not pose ricochet hazards…making the T68 SplitFire safe even at contact range. The Less Lethal Capsaicin Projectiles burst on impact, filling the air around the suspects with irritant powder…meaning that officers using the T68 SplitFire don't have to directly hit their target to subdue the suspect. Impacts near barricaded or hidden suspects, or groups of suspects, will fill their air with irritant powder and provide them a strong incentive to move on…or outright incapacitate them ahead of being taken down.

The T68 SplitFire is extremely powerful and accurate, with velocities available exclusively for law enforcement and military use that exceed those of standard paintball markers. Military personnel and LEOs can adjust the velocity down to safer speeds for training, or over 350 fps for ranged use in the field. This enables officers to make difficult shots from up to 150 feet, with the rounds carrying enough downrange kinetic energy to burst on impact.

RAP4 T68 M4 Projectiles:

Paintball Marking projectiles are ideal for force-on-force and CQB training, and any training that requires absolute precision. These projectiles shatter upon impact, leaving a wet color mark on the target. The mark is water soluble and is easy to clean with a damp cloth...and won't stain your training facility.
Non-Lethal Clear Training Paintballs leave wet splats which can easily be wiped off with warm water. This allows law enforcement and military operators to train for marksmanship under duress, in rented or borrowed spaces, without leaving colored stains on their training gear and facilities.
Rubber Training Projectiles are ideal for training where you cannot mark the surrounding environment. The projectiles do not leave marks, are solid for balanced flight, and don't require much cleaning-just rinse and reuse for inexpensive training time and again.
Powder Training Projectiles are training rounds that contain harmless white powder to simulate the effect of the RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles, without actually filling the air with capsaicin. They have the same performance, without the painful effect, as the "real thing."
RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles are hard plastic spheres built to burst on impact. They contain a very fine Capsaicin II (chili pepper) dust-like powder. RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles are filled with enough capsaicin powder to seriously, though temporarily, irritate a suspect's eyes, nose and throat, without normally causing any other harm.
Glass Breaking Balls are .68 caliber projectiles. These balls are ideal for breaking vehicular and structural windows, and are ideally followed by the Less Lethal Capsaicin Projectiles from the SplitFire's secondary ammunition source. Glass Breaking Balls to be fed from a hopper and loader.

Applications of the T68 SplitFire:
- The T68 SplitFire can be used as a training tool, with a blue heat shield for identification as a training arm, or a red one to signify being loaded with less-lethal anti-personnel rounds. There are many different projectile types to choose from, based on environmental concerns and specific needs…several of which cost less than five cents a round.

- For police and military force-on-force training, the T68 SplitFire administers negative reinforcement to drive home lessons on cover, concealment, cover fire, and other fundamentals. Nothing says “you screwed up and now you’re dead” like a welt.

- In a riot or other large disturbance, the operator can load the magazine with Rubber Training Projectiles and the hopper with Less Lethal Capsaicin Projectiles. The operator can then use the Less Lethal Capsaicin Projectiles to disperse the crowd, and switch immediately to the rubber balls for less-lethal deterrent against individuals.

- The T68 SplitFire is useful in vehicular pursuits. Use Glass Breaking Balls loaded in the magazine to break the rear window, then switch to Less Lethal Projectile capsaicin projectiles in the hopper to fill their vehicle with irritant powder…forcing them to stop. Shots that miss the vehicle, or directly strike an occupant, will do far less (or no) collateral damage compared to bullets and gas-canister projectiles.

- For suspects barricaded in a structure, officers can use glass “breaker balls” to breach a window… then turn the selector wheel to load capsaicin balls to fill the structure with a cloud of irritants. Capsaicin balls have greater range, and far more accuracy, than capsaicin sprays, which helps officers maintain a safe distance from dangerous suspects.

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