Tactical RIS Handguard for Straight 7/8 Inch Barrel for 32 Degreesİ Paintball Gun

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The new Tactical RIS Handguard is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum to be tough while staying light—it is made to last.

The new Tactical RIS Handguard is designed to work with all types of barrels. It is also compatible with Airsoft riles, RAP4 .43 caliber markers, and even real firearms. This handguard is all metal, and meant to take the beating of heavy recoil and rough handling.

The key design of the Tactical RIS Handguard is compatibility: with virtually any marker, and with any Weaver-base accessory. The Tactical RIS Handguard is compatible with all barrels and paintball markers, by coming with different size front and rear locking rings for different barrels. Just a few compatible barrels and sizes are listed below, and more sizes are available.

Tactical barrel - this barrel is commonly found on T68 markers, as well as on BT and Ariakon markers. It has a 1" base and measures 7/8" from the middle to the muzzle.

Straight 1" barrel - this barrel has 1" diameter from the base to the muzzle, like Autococker barrels.

Straight 7/8" barrel - this barrel has 7/8" diameter from the base to the muzzle, the straight rifled barrel.
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