RAP4 Basic Painting Scenario DVD

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You've heard the rave, you've read the reviews.
Yes, this is the best paintball DVD ever produced.

Excellent gift for those who are new to paintball and for those who love the game.


"Beautifully shot and thoroughly enjoyable, 'Basic Painting' has raised the bar for all other paintball films." Ryan McDonald, PBLIVE.TV

"Greatest documentary and video of scenario paintball I have ever seen."
Eric Engler, Engler Paintball Guns

"Basic Painting delivers on its promise of being an introduction to scenario paintball at West Point's Spring Combat Classic and does so with a level professionalism that places it at the top of the paintball DVD heap!" Steve Davidson

"To get a good idea of what scenario paintball is all about, this DVD is the best way to get an exciting look into the world of paintball in the woods." Bea Paxon



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