Tacamo Magazine Well for Tippmann® A-5®

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Ready to mount an AK-pattern magazine to your Tippmann A5, but don’t know which magazine style to go with? Start with the Tacamo Magazine Well for the Tippmann A5, and you’ll get a sturdy, AK-pattern magazine well that’s ready to accept a selection of different magazines—from the Tacamo 20 Round Polymer Curved magazine to the Tacamo 30 Round Steel Magazine, with many options in between!

 The Tacamo Magazine Well for Tippmann A5 is ready to accept all of those Tacamo magazines, to give you storage capacity and true-to-life aesthetics, balance, and ergonomics, that truly enhance your playing experience. Swap out the magazines as your gear changes from a full-size AK to a smaller Krinkov...and stay current easily, because these magazines insert and drop free at the push of the mag-release—just like on the real deal!

 Key Features Include:

- Interfaces with Tacamo detachable magazines
- Durable construction
- True-to-life reproduction of AK magwell!
- Fit all Tippmann A5, (Classic and New A5)

Compatible with the following removable Tacamo Magazine.
Tacamo 10 Rounds Steel Magazine SKU: 014466
Tacamo 20 Rounds Steel Magazine SKU: 008713
Tacamo 30 Rounds Steel Magazine SKU: 008714
Tacamo 20 Rounds Polymer Magazine SKU: 008696
Tacamo RPK Drum Magazine, SKU: 010506

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