Tacamo Krinkov Kit for Tippmann® A-5® (Marker NOT included)

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The Krinkov is a greatly shortened, carbine-size version of the Soviet Bloc mainstay battle rifle, the AK74. The collapsible stock helps it fold down into an incredibly compact package, made even smaller by the shortened barrel and abbreviated handguards. Intended for use as a personal defense arm by tank, helicopter, and aircraft crews, it also sees service with the elite Spetsnaz forces.

Tacamo helps you get the feel of that highly specialized AK variant with a package especially designed for your A5® marker. The Tacamo Krinkov Kit for Tippmann® A5® includes all the features you need to increase your marker’s versatility, overhaul its aesthetics, and transform it into a compact Krinkov!

The Tacamo Wood Handguards include a front sight, and mount directly to your A5® for secure attachment that allows you to swap barrels or remove your barrel for cleaning without affecting the body kit! The Krinkov Folding Buttstock is a side-folding design, identical to those fitted onto Krinkov machine pistols, that swings out when you need the accuracy that comes from a secure shoulder-mount…and folds right back down when you need to work tight bunkers or clear structures! The Spetsnaz demand this sort of versatility, which Tacamo makes available for you!

Another great performance upgrade that comes with every Tacamo Krinkov Kit for Tippmann® A5® is the full-length tactical rail. Extending from the rear of the front sight all the way to the rear of the receiver, this rail affords you a lot of standard Weaver attachment points to add scopes, lasers, lights, or other accessories to personalize your Krinkov…and adapt it to individual missions.

You also get to choose which magazine you want for your Krinkov—a full-size 30 round steel magazine, a shorter 20 round steel magazine, or the beige-tone polymer 20 round magazine that is standard issue for so many units that field the Krinkov.

When you need the ultimate body kit for transforming your A5® into a replica of current military hardware, you need to build a Krinkov with Tacamo’s Krinkov Kit for Tippmann® A5®!


Tacamo—Own the Field!


Key Features Include:


- Real Wood Handguards
- Krinkov Side-Folding Tactical Stock
- Full-Receiver-Length Weaver Rail Sight Cover
- AK-Pattern Magazine – Your Choice of Size

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