Tacamo AK47 Kit for Tippmann® 98® (Marker NOT included)

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Package Includes:


Tacamo is proud to help you experience the thrill of scenario paintball, the adventure of woodsball, and the adrenaline of playing paintball with a piece of history, by offering the Tacamo AK47 Kit for your Tippmann® Model 98® marker. The AK47-pattern rifle is one of the most widespread military arms in modern history, in use by proper militaries, irregular forces and insurgencies, heroes, and terrorists.

For role-playing, or just having fun with your game, now you can achieve the look and feel of using an AK47 with this fantastic marker kit!

The Tacamo AK47 Kit for your Tippmann® Model 98® marker gives you a finely honed tactical barrel with authentic-styled muzzle break, reproduction AK front sight, and handguard and heat shield made to AK specifications. This doesn’t just clamp to your barrel…the unit mounts securely to the Tippmann® Model 98®. The barrel threads directly into your marker, and can be removed for cleaning without disturbing the rest of the handguard and barrel kit!

To help you maximize the accuracy of that upgraded barrel, Tacamo affixes a solid wood AK47 buttstock to the rear of the marker; lock it against your shoulder for easy target tracking and repeat-hit accuracy!

To complete the AK47 look, Tacamo includes the Tacamo AK Magazine that mounts just forward of the vertical ASA…and the full-receiver-length Tacamo Sight Cover gives you several inches of Weaver-rail attachment points for optics and other accessories.

When your scenario, mission, or mood requires an AK-pattern marker, you can rely on the Tacamo AK47 Kit for Tippmann® Model 98® markers to transform your reliable Model 98® into a faithful recreation of the famous Russian AK47. Tacamo—Own the Field!


Key Features Include:

 - Ready for quick installation on the Model 98® you already own

- Real-Wood Tacamo AK47 Handguard and Barrel Kit attaches securely to the Model 98®

- Remove the barrel without removing the whole Tacamo AK47 Handguard and Barrel Kit

- Tacamo AK47 Buttstock—Real Wood!

- Authentic AK47 styling

- Tacamo Sight Cover adds RIS attachment points

- Authentic AK47 open sights

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