Sten Submachine Gun Shroud for Tippmann® A-5®

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Turn Your A5 Into A Sten Submachine Gun!
 RAP4 is proud to introduce the Tippmann A5 Sten Submachine Gun Shroud! When you’re ready for a radically different look in a World War II, Korean War, or other mid-1900s-era scenario game, you need to cop the look of the unmistakable Sten Submachine Guns.
 The British had real reason to fear invasion during the early 1940s, so they created the Sten Submachine Gun as a low-cost, highly-effective arm to mass produce and issue to their military…and to citizens by the truckload should the Axis arrive on their mainland! The resulting arm is unmistakable in appearance, with its tubular body and side-mounted magazine.
 RAP4 has recreated the look of that famous submachine gun, and turned it into a bolt-on shroud for your Tippmann A5! Like the real Sten, the A5 shoots from the open-bolt position…but unlike the real thing, your Sten Submachine Gun Shroud and Tippmann A5 are made to high quality standards and exacting tolerances—an improvement upon history itself.
 Everything you need to install this kit—and that’s not much—is included with each Sten Submachine Gun Shroud. All you need is your A5, a few minutes…and to get the rest of your gear in order to match the historic period!
 RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

- This item will only fit Tippmann A5 purchased before 2011


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