T68 Infiltrator Kit (Marker NOT included)

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Buttstock Section

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Barrel Section

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General Accessories

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Turn your T68 marker into the “Infiltrator” with these functional accessories:

- 1 x 8 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
- 1 x MK23 II Silencer
- 1 x Blade Holographic Scope
- 1 x Tacamo SOCOM Buttstock

When you need a compact, accurate marker with the target-acquiring speed of electronic sights, you need a T68 Infiltrator. Superbly balanced for close quarters battle, the T68 Infiltrator configuration shrinks the overall length of your marker without sacrificing velocity, accuracy, or natural point of aim.

With this kit, you will gain a foam-padded SOCOM Buttstock that helps you get on target fast; an 8” Recon Rifled Barrel that stabilizes your paint for a true flight path on-target; the MK23 II Silencer for the most authentic SOCOM-style look and feel; and the Blade Holographic Scope to get that first shot on target every single time.

The T68 Infiltrator Kit does not include the T68 marker. Use the T68 Infiltrator Kit to add versatility to your existing T68 platform, and have exactly the configuration you need, available right there in your gear bag.


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