Electronic Trigger for BTŠ Paintball Gun

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Do you have a BT-4 marker and want to shoot faster?  Are you tired of getting knocked out of games by better guns?  Then take your BT marker and upgrade it with the BT Electronic Trigger.

It changes the mechanical components of the trigger mechanism to an electronic operation.  Pushing the sleek buttons on the back of the Electronic Trigger allows your BT marker multiple firing modes, including semi-auto, adjustable ramping and adjustable full-auto.  You will noticeably increase your firepower when you install the BT Electronic Trigger.

Easily installed and featuring a double trigger, the Electronic Trigger will throw more paint downfield than your BT ever did before.  Match a BT Rip Clip™ with your Electronic Trigger upgrade to experience the maximum rate-of-fire.  The competition is toast when you fire up a BT marker installed with an Electronic Trigger.

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