HotShot Pepper Spray Blaster Refill Cartridge (Blue)

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These HotShot Refill Cartridges are meant for use with the Pepper Spray devices.

What sets the HotShot apart from other Pepper Spray devices is its shooting method—rather than unleashing an actual spray or stream of pepper solution, the HotShot instead launches a Hot Pepper Powder Cloud at your opponent. The cloud envelopes your attackers, hitting all of their major senses including the eyes, nose and lungs, giving you ample time to get away in the event.

The HotShot Protection device is easy to use and lightweight at a mere 4 ounces. Requiring merely one push of a button to unleash its debilitating cloud, it can reach a distance of up to 12 feet, so you'll stun any attacks before  the attackers can even lay hands on you.

  • Compact and highly portable
  • Hotter (more effective) than pepper spray. Faster and easier to use too!
  • Launches hot pepper powder in a cloud to create an instant, visible barrier between you and an attacker.


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