RAP4 Eco Friendly Field Paintball (100 Boxes of 2000) (FREE Shipping*)

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Bulk RAP4 paintball to help to you stay in the game!

"Go Green" with RAP4 Eco Friendly Paintball is soybean-based, environmentally friendly paint...with bright fill at an unbeatable price!

Completely biodegradable, non-permanent and environmentally safe, the RAP4 Eco Friendly Paintball is safe for back-country fields and fulltime scenario fields alike. The splats fade in direct sunlight, and a good rain washes them away, where the organic material used in the shell and fill gets absorbed into the ground without hurting local plants, animals, or water sources.

The RAP4 Eco Friendly Paintball shells are designed to shatter upon impacting your opponent, meaning more breaks on target. Part of this high-performance design is achieved through the use of soybean oil.

Key Features:
- Eco Friendly
- Environmentally Safe
- Low Cost
- Works with all .68 cal paintball markers
- High-performance
- Comes in box of 2000 balls



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