Internal Flexi Air Kit And Buttstock Package for Tippmann® X7® (Marker not included)

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The patent-pending RAP4 Flexi-Air system for the Tippmann X7! The RAP4 Flexi-Air system adds a realistic look and feel to your Tippmann X7, and will increase the performance as well! This is the best performance enhancing upgrade for your Tippmann X7. This internal Flexi-Air system is completely hidden inside - No external air line or hose.

The RAP4 Flexi-Air system for the Tippmann X7 features an enormous air expansion chamber. With this expansion chamber, which is conveniently hidden inside the collapsible stock, you can expect your Tippmann X7 to be consistent like never before. Your shots will be more consistent and reliable, and thus more accurate, as your X7 feeds continuously from this enormous reservoir. For winter play, your CO2 won't freeze up in your marker again!

With the RAP4 Flexi-Air system for the Tippmann X7, you can connect a remote line directly in the back of the stock and have it completely out of your way to add the most realistic look and feel to your Tippmann X7…and out-gun your opponent at the same time.

Amp-up your Tippmann X7's performance with the RAP4 Flexi-Air system, and at the same time intimidate your opponents with the most realistic upgrade ever!

The RAP4 Flexi-Air system for the Tippmann X7 is made from aircraft aluminum for durability and dependability for years of service. You can expect it to outlast your Tippmann X7!

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