Greg Hastings Paintball 2 [Wii Game]

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RAP4 is proud to introduce “Greg Hastings Paintball 2,” from the leading name in paintball videogames. This latest release for the Xbox 360 and Wii offers three paths to paintball glory: through woodsball tournaments and events, through speedball tournaments, and through recball domination. Just like you have choices as to what style to play this weekend, and where to sharpen your skills, “Greg Hastings Paintball 2” lets you explore everything our sport has to offer…

…while using real gear in the game!

Choose from actual markers, goggle systems, and other equipment. Select the T68 and the Hawkeye Goggle System, and your character will be outfitted in real RAP4 gear, ready for the woodsball fields! Then you can make big moves happen as you tackle opponents with advanced artificial intelligence, or your friends in head-to-head and online action. Challenge them on the RAP4 Desert Warfare field and you’ll test yourself on the digital version of a real field at SC Village!

Majesco, the game’s producers, used motion-capture videography of Greg Hastings and other real players to design the game’s animation, so that players move incredibly realistically—you can snapshoot, slide, dive, and tactically reload in the game just like you do at the field.

The avatars are based on Greg Hastings and other top professional players, along with nearly a thousand other real paintball players! Play as any number of well known scenario or tournament figures, or average players you might actually know! Each character has special skills and abilities based on the real person who modeled for the game…helping to make this the most realistic portrayal of paintball ever!

In RAP4’s never-ending quest to bring you gear and experiences that are as real as it gets, we’re proud to offer “Greg Hastings Paintball 2.” Check out the RAP4 gear, the RAP4 field, and all the paintball action packed inside this top-selling new game!


Key Features:
-Features Real Markers and Gear
-Features Real Players
-Real Fields Recreated
-Single/Multi Player and Xbox Live Playing Modes
-Play the RAP4 Desert Warfare Field at SC Village


Note: This Game Only Available For USA Region.

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