K36 Magazine for Tippmann A-5

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This magazine kit helps you turn your Tippmann A5 into the very image of the ultra-modern G36 rifle! With the smoked-polymer magazine that reveals faux ammunition inside, and a realistic magwell interfacing with your A5, you have a dramatic accessory that remarkably enhances your gear!

When you’re ready to build your A5 the rest of the way into a G36, check out the K36 See Through Sight Rail, or the full K6 Kit for Tippmann A5 that comes with stock, sight rail, and magazine!

Go all the way with your K36 experience with the Tacamo MK5 K36 Magazine Fed Marker for Tippmann A5, which completely transforms your existing A5 into a magazine fed marker that closely replicates the G36 rifle!

 It all revolves around this dramatic magazine kit.

 Key Features Include:
- Durable construction
- Smoked Polymer Magazine
- Enhances appearance 

Compatible with both new and classic A5


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