Internal Flexi Air Adapter for Tippmann® X7® Phenom

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The Internal Flexi Air Adapter for Tippmann X7 Phenom replaces the rear body plug entirely, offering you the ability to run an internal air line through your marker rather than relying on ugly hoses outside of it. The front of the Flexi Air Adapter for Tippmann X7 Phenom interfaces with the marker itself for a perfect, wobble-free fit. The rear features a standard ASA that’s ready to accept a gas-through stock, like the Tacamo SOCOM Air Through Buttstock, the Solid Remote Line Adapter and Buttstock, and other tactical solutions.

They thread right into the Internal Flexi Air Adapter...and so do tanks for the 5oz CO2/3000psi Butt Stock and all standard paintball CO2 and HPA tanks. With the air line running through your marker rather than around the outside, you get the most realistic look and feel possible...while adding extra length to the air line that acts as something of an expansion chamber to ensure stable velocities (which means better accuracy).

To make this Internal Flexi Air Adapter for Tippmann X7 work, you’ll need to purchase the Internal Flexi Air Hose for Tippmann X7 Phenom separately...or pick up just this piece if you already have the Internal Flexi Air Hose!

Key Features Include:

- Aircraft-grade aluminum for durability

- Precision milled for a wobble-free fit

- Adds true custom functionality to your marker

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