Paintball Compressor Package #2 - Gas Model

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Paintball Compressor Package #2 is great for small to medium paintball fields. The Nuvair 7 gas or electric can fill one or more storage tanks while providing ample air to the fill station. An optional pressure regulator can be mounted on the fill station or on the storage tank. The fill station has a toggle actuated fill valve that relieves the line pressure when released. Installation video included.

Includes: Paintball compressor, 2 storage tanks and a single tank fill station. Small to medium paintball field.

Part Number PK2G PK2E
Package# 2 Standard 7 CFM Gas Standard 7 CFM Electric
220V E1 or E3
Cubic Feet/Minute 7.4 FAD
RPM 1250
Cylinder Diameter 88 x 36 x 14 mm
Max. Op. Pressure 5000 PSI
Number of Stages 3
Lubrication Splash Lubricant 1.6 Liters
Dimensions 25" x 34" x 18.5"
Weight 218 - 253 lbs
Storage Tanks 2
Tank Fittings 2
Hose 8' & 12'
Fill Panel PN1
Noise Level 90 dB 80.7 dB
Motor Power 6.5 hp 5.5 hp


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