T68 Gen7 Box Magazine Combo Package

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RAP4 is proud to introduce the next evolution of the award-winning T68 family of hyper-realistic paintball markers: the T68 Gen7. Boasting hot new features that are ready to rock your game, this all-metal marker brings the look, feel, and ergonomics of the M4 family of carbines to your team.
 New in the exciting T68 Gen7 is a velocity fine-tuning adjuster that you manipulate with a hex key. Your velocity will change throughout the day as the temperature changes or when you swap in a RAP4 Recon barrel of a different length. Rather than adjust the rear velocity screw for large changes, fine-tune the airflow to get right up under the field’s speed limit with the all-new "FPS Adjuster" on the starboard side of the receiver.
 The feed port inside the magazine well has been enlarged so that players hyper about range and accuracy can now shoot First Strike paintballs when they use a First Strike - compliant T68 magazine. With one of these magazines loaded and ready, you have 18 shots of First Strike paint ready to go...and they’re all under spring pressure to make sure a shot is waiting in the chamber every time you pull the trigger. This tension also eliminates chopping, so you can make that one shot elimination with your T68 Gen7 with absolute confidence.
 Players already love the thumb switch that transitions the T68 Gen7 from "safe" to "fire" mode. A replica of the fire selector switch on standard military issue M4 carbines, this thumb switch is ready to get you rocking without a second thought...and without messing with old-fashioned cross-bolt safeties.
 Embrace the future of hyper-realistic gaming when you rock the magazine-fed T68 Gen7, or turn the dial with the patented Splitfire Dual Feed design and you get 200 shots onboard at once. Either way, you’ll love that the air source hides away in the multi-position, M4-style collapsible stock. This improves the marker’s balance and aesthetics, while giving you plenty of air to shoot through magazine after magazine.
 When it’s time to swap out the air source - the 88gram disposable cartridge, the 5oz refillable CO2 tank, or the 13ci compressed air tank, each of which hides away out of sight within the stock - the T68 Gen7 really comes into its own. The stock slides on a detachable multi-position rail, which removes from the stock adapter with the push of a button. Slide off the stock, slide out the rail, and unscrew your tank quickly and easily...then replace it and get back in the game!
 These are only the new features of the T68 Gen7. The best details, highest quality, and most clever innovations from the award-winning T68 line are clear in the Gen7. Use the detachable carry handle to carry the marker, or use the integral sights to get on target fast - they adjust for windage and elevation! Use the mil-spec picatinny rails to attach a host of aftermarket accessories. Count on the high cyclic rate and self-lubricating properties of the Delrin bolt as it chambers ball after ball.
 And best of all: dig the looks you get when you pull the very image of an M4 out of your gear bag. Playing with a T68 Gen7 isn’t for everyone...but for those who demand the height of realism along with quality and user-friendly innovations, the T68 Gen7 is ready to serve.


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Box Magazine:

The RAP4 Box Magazine holds 250 paintball, the Nautilus Drive™ provides positive feeding, and gentle enough to work with the most brittle paint. This balance is carefully achieved, using a patent-pending design you won't find anywhere else. Easy to clean, easy to swap in and out, the Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive™ is your perfect solution for bulk paint feeding.

Use the Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive™ to simulate the M249 SAW's hi-cap box magazine. Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW) have magazines and ammunition boxes that hold upwards of 200 rounds...and now, you can outfit your T68 to have that realistic level of onboard ammunition. Together with a RAP4 Firestorm select-fire trigger group, you can transform your T68 into a SAW!
Run heavy with the Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive™ installed on your SOCOM-configured T68, or just enjoy the convenience of having that much paint available for each and every trigger cycle. You'll run out of opponents before you run out of shots...and if you need more, change it out and get right back in the game.  RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

- Compatible with all magazine fed T68 markers from Gen4 to current.
- Compatible with all Tacmark Markers
- Compatible with all MILSIG markers
- Compatible with all K-Series markers

Key Features:
 - 250 paintballs capacity
 - Fast consistent loading for rapid firing modes
 - Dual side reloading
 - High speed loading with Nautilus Drive™
 - Easy to clean and maintain
 - 1 year warranty


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