Air Through Skeleton Buttstock Adapter with Flexi-Air Hose and Tombstone for Tippmann® X7®

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Do you already have a Skeleton and want to upgrade your Tippmann X7 to an air-through stock system? Do you need the most effective, custom-level method of attaching that stock to your Tippmann X7? Then this kit is for you!

 The Air ThroughButt Stock Adapter with Flexi-Air Hose for Tippmann X7 comes with everything you need to attach your existing Skeleton, and take advantage of running your air through the adapter instead of the normal ASA. Made out of high quality aircraft-grade aluminum, this adapter is designed to provide long service life in rough conditions!

 Run your maker light and more compact to gain a tactical advantage by getting the air tank off of the marker and onto your back, connected via a remote line to the discreet remote line quick disconnect on the stock adapter! This is the best way to lighten your marker, and attach your exciting Skeleton stock!

 Key Features:

- Compatible with Skeleton Stock
- Includes Flexi-Air Hose for X7
- Includes Tombstone for X7
- Compatible with a Push Button Quick Release Sling Ring
- Made of aircraft aluminum
- Easy to install


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