Air Through UMP Adapter & Stock with Remote Line Adapter for Tippmann X7

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This stock kit is what Tippmann X7 owners need to put a UMP-style stock on your marker...and gain the advantage of running the air through the rear of your marker rather than through the traditional ASA! Preserve the balance of the marker, keep the remote line out of the way, and add the accuracy-enhancing benefit of a realistic stock...that realistically folds out of the way when you need to play in tight!

 The UMP Stock with Air Through Adapter for Tippmann X7 comes ready to install, so you can secure the UMP Stock to your marker in seconds. To connect the gas line between the quick disconnect in the stock adapter and the ASA on your marker, all you need is to purchase (separately) the Flexi-Air Hose for the Tippmann X7...making this kit perfect for players who already own the Flexi-Air Hose or simply don’t want to run a remote through the stock adapter. Save money, and get exactly what you need...or upgrade to the UMP Stock with Air Through Adapter – Complete if you need the Flexi-Air Hose too!

 Key Features:

- Replaces rear body plug for perfect fit
- UMP stock folds out of the way, locks securely in place
- Compatible with a Push Button Quick Release Sling Ring
- Made of aircraft aluminum
- Easy to install


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