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Operation End War 7
7th Annual Event

* Please select Store Pickup for shipping method as shipping is not required!  Your registration package will be handed out at the event

OEW7 will take place on October 14th-16th, 2016, the event will be hosted by Calaveras Tactical. OEW7 will take place in Copperopolis, CA

Operation: End War 7 picks up right where the story ended with OEW 6: the Blue Team recovered a nuclear weapon, while the Red Team recovered a scientist and the codes to launch the nuke. Blue, in an effort to gain undisputed control of the region, has begun trying to reverse-engineer the device in order to use it against their longtime foes, while vying as well to capture the codes and scientist…while Red wages a strategic campaign to recover the nuclear weapon, and defend the scientist and the codes.

You’ll determine the winner with your marksmanship, your tactical skills, and the teammates you bring to battle beside you. With plenty of tactical missions that make this action as near to combat as you probably care to get, and plenty of challenges where you can prove your mettle, Operation: End War 7 is the can’t-miss event of 2016.

So…which side will you join?

Standing Orders:
- Register on www.rap4.com
- You will receive a specific rally point location 3 days before the operation

October 14th 2016 (+$50) (Optional)
Firearms training by Calaveras tactical

October 15th and 16th, 2016:
- MCS Paintball event
- Free on-site camping
- Field paintball only
Registration only $100
FREE Marker to use and take home (more information here) $140


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