NEW Tippmann A5 Mechanical Trigger With Selector Switch

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This is the 2010 style Lower Grip Complete.  It includes the new selector switch safety and lower receiver halves.
The Lower Receiver Left and Right in this kit will accept the Response trigger, not the H.E. Board.

If installing on a pre 2011 A-5, you will need to remove your Tombstone Latch and Spring.

02-20 Sear Spring x 1
02-20 Trigger Slide Spring x 1
02-20S Short Trigger Spring x 1
02-33 Trigger Plate Pin x 4
02-33A Sear Pin x 1
02-35 Sear x 1
02-38 Trigger Guard x 1
02-67L Trigger Plate Left x 1
02-67R Trigger Plate Right x 1
98-19 Trigger Dowel Pin x 2
98-18 Trigger Return Slide x 1  
PL-42A Grip Screws x 3
TA10021 Trigger, Single x 1
TA01022 Safety x 1
TA01033 Lower Receiver Left x 1
TA01034 Lower Receiver Right x 1
TA01035 RT Kit Grip Plug

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