MKP-II Night Defender Magazine Fed Marker

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The Tacamo MKP Night Defender is your go-to marker for fast-paced CQB action. Built upon the proven Tippmann X7 Phenom design, this all-mechanical, Flex Valve marker is designed from the Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kit on up to create a dynamic, dramatic marker.

We start with the Tippmann X7 Phenom in mechanical configuration for all-weather reliability that doesn’t put you at the mercy of batteries. Then we swap the Tippmann factory-original parts into a Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kit body to free you from that bulky, sightline-obstructing hopper...and empower you to use interchangeable, spring-loaded magazines just like on the military hardware the MKP Night Defender mimics. You’ll gain the reliability of force-feed technology, the ease of reloading that comes with magazines, and the lightweight handling you can only get from mag-fed paintball!

Then we add the collapsible air-through stock, which allows you to run a remote line to a discreet attachment point on the rear of the receiver...which is part of the RAP4 Flexi-Air system that comes included! 

Up front, we include the Tippmann X7 Shroud with all of its RIS attachment rails, and a Super Bright Quick Detachable Flashlight/Laser Combo to help you light up the darkness...and make every shot count! To steady the MKP Night Defender, we include the RIS Vertical Grip. Even when you have the stock collapsed for minimum size and maximum maneuverability, this grip helps you control the almost recoil-less MKP Night Defender as you navigate buildings and thick terrain.

To get those shots on target with maximum accuracy, and style, we include a 12” Recon Rifled Barrel crowned with a Special Ops Thread-On Silencer. It’ll get paint downrange just where you need it when you use the SOCOM 4x32 Scope that completes this package.

The MKP Night Defender is designed to rule the night and day with equal dominion...and extraordinary class!

Key Features Include:
- Built from a Tippmann X7 Phenom marker
- Flex Valve for reliability and almost zero kick
- Includes light/laser, sight, rifled barrel, collapsible stock
- Vertical grip for intuitive handling
- Fully accessorized and ready for anything!


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