MKP-II Stinger Magazine Fed Marker

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This amazing tactical marker is your ready-to-go solution for eliminating entire squads with the most realistic—and reliable—mil-sim gear on the market. RAP4 engineers build the MKP Stinger Magazine Fed Marker by starting with a Tippmann X7 Phenom mechanical marker and outfitting it with exclusive upgrades. First, they install a Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kit, which uses the X7 Phenom’s proven-reliable internals to create an HK-inspired, magazine fed paintball marker. There won’t be a hopper obscuring your line of sight, or rattling as you run, because the MKP Stinger Magazine Fed Marker uses spring-loaded interchangeable magazines...just like the real deal.

Then RAP4 engineers add the dynamic Magpul PTS CTR Air Through Stock, which is inspired by the hot new stock on real M4 carbines in-theatre right now. It attaches to the RAP4 Flexi Air System that replaces the rear body plug. This combination provides you a male quick disconnect fitting just ahead of the multi-position collapsible stock, so you can attach a remote line to power your marker. You won’t have to mount an ugly, heavy tank to your marker...just hook up a remote line and away you go with the lightest, most realistic marker possible.

Up front, we include a Tippmann X7 Standard Shroud, to which you mount the included Magpul PTS Angled Forward Grip—it’s a foregrip that is ergonomically designed to give you the most comfortable and intuitive gripping surface possible for your support hand. The top rail on the shroud boasts a standard RIS rail, ready for whatever accessory you need.

We equip this marker with a 10” Recon Rifled Barrel crowned with a Bullseye Muzzle Break or your choice of alternate muzzle breaks, to increase accuracy and get the custom look you want.

Up top, you’ll love the LETS Red Dot scope, featuring 2x magnification and a 42mm objective so you can take in a full field of view. Superimpose that dot on your target, pull the trigger, and let the MKP Stinger Magazine Fed Marker deliver that one crucial shot right to your opponent’s center mass. The superb reliability of the MKP Stinger Magazine Fed Marker, the incredible realism, and the engineered balance and efficiency, combine to make this the must-have marker this season!

Key Features:

- Built from a Tippmann X7 Phenom
- FlexValve reliability and low recoil
- Magazine fed for utmost realism and easy reloading
- Collapsible air-through stock for a custom fit
- Rifled barrel, red dot sight, and consistent velocity for superb accuracy

FlexValve Technology
* Virtually eliminates recoil
* Operates below 300 psi
* Incredible efficiency
* Compatible with CO2 or compressed air

Caliber: .68
Action: Semi-Automatic (Open Bolt Blow Forward Spool Valve System)
Hopper Capacity: 200 Paintballs
Feed rate: 15 BPS
Firing rate: 8 BPS
Trigger: Mechanical
Barrel length: 9.5"
Length: 19.75"
Weight: 3.92 lb
Effective range: 150+ feet


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