T68 Mauler Paintball Gun

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This exciting magazine-fed, grenade launcher equipped, paintball gun is designed to maul its way through wave after wave of incoming opponents. The T68 Mauler comes with exactly the features you need in a high-end, mid-weight, full size marker...with a grenade launcher mounted right under the barrel!

Each T68 Mauler is built from a Gen7 receiver that utilizes rugged metal construction to provide years of service through all kinds of weather and playing conditions. To build this mid-sized primary marker, we use a 10 inch Recon Rifled Barrel for optimum accuracy, and crown it with a BC Muzzle Break to further enhance accuracy and give the T68 Mauler a vicious look. Then we add the Tactical RIS Handguard, a mid-length model that extends the RIS rail along the receiver while adding RIS rails on each side and under the barrel—enough space to affix the included Phantom Thunder Grenade Launcher and a host of other accessories!

The M4-style, multi-position collapsible stock conceals a clever air-through-stock design that gives you a male remote line quick disconnect fitting at a natural balance point just behind the receiver. Attach your remote line and you’ll be ready to rock without having an ugly, heavy tank mounted to your marker—let your opponents deal with that!

The T68 Mauler makes full use of the Gen7 T68 receiver’s magazine-fed design, enabling you to use interchangeable magazines to load your paint. This eliminates the need for ugly, unwieldy hoppers, and opens up your field of vision...while greatly improving the aesthetics, balance, and handling of your marker. In the thick of a good firefight, you’ll appreciate the way a magazine-fed marker keeps paint in the chamber at all times, held in place under spring pressure so that you never dryfire on a loaded magazine, and won’t chop paint.

The most distinguishing feature of the remarkable T68 Mauler is the Phantom Thunder Grenade Launcher. Quickly mounted or detached from the handguard, the launcher accepts our Thunder Grenades (Thunder Grenades and Thunder Grenade Charger sold separately) so that you can take out tanks, blow up bunkers, and eliminate entire squads with a single blast.

When you need a mid-weight, full-size marker with the twin firepower of a mag-fed paintball gun and Phantom Thunder Grenade Launcher, you need the T68 Mauler.

Key Features:

- Magazine-fed for reliability
- Collapsible air-through stock
- Dagger Reflex Sight
- Tactical RIS Handguard (Mid-Length)
- Phantom Thunder Grenade Launcher



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