T68 Predator II Magazine Fed Paintball Marker

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The beastly T68 Predator II is designed for fast, agile attacks on complicated and hardened targets, where maneuverability, reliability, and accuracy are essential...and mission-specific accessories make a huge difference. Our engineers took winning components of duty-issue tactical carbines and used them as inspiration for the custom gear that comes standard with each T68 Predator...

...like the Samurai 30mm red dot scope atop the SWAT Integrated Rail Carry Handle that gets it just high enough off the receiver that you can easily use it while wearing goggles. This combines two dynamic accessories in one—the SWAT Integrated Rail provides an “iron” rear sight and functions as a scope riser. The Samurai 30mm red dot scope is an amazing aiming device that features a variable-power dot that shows you—and only you—exactly where each and every shot is going to hit. Use it with both eyes open as you charge, T68 Predator II blazing, through urban terrain and thick forests.

The 10 inch Recon Rifled Barrel stabilizes your paint and is gas-efficient, while the Crossbow Muzzle Break increases accuracy by venting air to the side of the barrel—instead of creating turbulence at the muzzle for your paint to fly through. Plus, the Crossbow Muzzle Break has a fearsome look that immediately shows opponents that you mean business.

The T68 Predator II is a magazine-fed marker, meaning that you have twenty shots onboard and held under constant spring tension with each fresh magazine...and that spring tension pushes each round securely into the chamber and holds it there until you pull the trigger, eliminating bolt-chops and giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your paint will always be good-to-go for that moment you need it.

Our multi-position collapsible stock, with air-through feature, extends when you have the luxury of taking long-distance shots...and collapses when you need to shoot with a vest or thick jacket on, when you mount armor, or when you just want a shorter stock—just like the stocks on M4 duty carbines! Hook your remote line up to the quick disconnect and draw your air from the tank on your back, leaving your marker light, perfectly balanced, and the very image of its duty-issue brethren.

And when it’s time to go indoors or own the night game, slip the included Tactical RIS N9000 Flashlight onto the under-handguard rail and you’ll gain a forward vertical grip with integral flashlight! The tactical light will blind your opponents so they can’t shoot back, illuminate hazards and props on the field, and spotlight foes as they try to sneak through your lines—it’s an indispensible tool, and helps make the T68 Predator II truly the most fearsome marker on the field.

With the exact design, handling, and aesthetics of a special purpose M4 carbine, and the utter reliability of RAP4’s mag-fed design, the T68 Predator II is truly as real as it gets!

Key Features:

- Mag-fed action for reliability
- Red dot sight
- Tactical fore grip with light
- Metal construction
- Mid-Length Tactical RIS Handguard



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 Available Options

Option 1: There are 9 different air options to choose from: View the different air system available here
Option 2: Your marker comes with a 8" Recon barrel. You can view the different barrels and specs here
Option 3: You can have the options of Magazine Feed, Hopper Feed, or upgrade to Split Fire Dual Feed
Option 4: This kit comes with all the o-rings to completely rebuilt your marker
Option 5: This tool kit has all the tools for you to service your marker
Option 6: Extend your manufacture warranty to 3 years
Option 7: Add additional magazines to your package
Option 8: Add a hard cover carrying case to protect your marker. This is an excellent storage case. View the case here
Option 9: Additional 5oz cylinder to your package



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