T68 PSD Magazine Fed Paintball Marker

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The T68 Personal Security Detail (PSD) Magazine Fed Paintball Marker is ready to serve as a discreet, utterly-reliable marker for a wide range of missions. Its magazine-fed operation ensures that paint is always held firmly in the chamber, without rattling around, so that you never chop paint...and so that every time you pull the trigger on a loaded chamber, a ball is right there ready to accelerate downrange at your opponent. Spare ammunition is held silently in more magazines, and reloads are fast, simple...and truly as real as it gets.

With an eight inch barrel and a Krinkov-style under-folding stock, the T68 PSD makes for a very compact package that can easily handle CQB for room-to-room action, clearing dense villages, and other situations where a responsive, compact marker will be the deciding factor.

For players who need to strap it to your bodies with a sling or harness, or conceal it under costumes or camouflage to remain undetected, it perfectly reproduces the discreet size of the PSD carbines used by security teams around the world. When your mission calls for providing security, or deploying from a vehicle into the thick of battle, the T68 PSD is the perfect analog to those trusted service carbines.

We crown the Recon Rifled Barrel with a Noveske Sound Amplifier Muzzle that directs the report of your marker away from you—preserving your hearing—and sends it downrange with a very unique signature that gives you a custom, fearsome sound. There will be no doubt among your opponents as to who shot them when they hear your PSD moments before feeling your paint.

The Micro Sight with Red Dot that we include as a standard option gets you on target fast, and perfectly reproduces the utility and reliability of those sights used on high-end PSD carbines carried by armed professionals.

It all adds up to a tactical experience that is designed, from stock to muzzle, to be truly as real as it gets!

Key Features:

- Mag-fed action for reliability
- Custom Noveske Sound Amplifier
- Rugged metal construction
- Full-length Phantom Handguard
- Compact



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 Available Options

Option 1: There are 9 different air options to choose from: View the different air system available here
Option 2: Your marker comes with a 8" Recon barrel. You can view the different barrels and specs here
Option 3: You can have the options of Magazine Feed, Hopper Feed, or upgrade to Split Fire Dual Feed
Option 4: This kit comes with all the o-rings to completely rebuilt your marker
Option 5: This tool kit has all the tools for you to service your marker
Option 6: Extend your manufacture warranty to 3 years
Option 7: Add additional magazines to your package
Option 8: Add a hard cover carrying case to protect your marker. This is an excellent storage case. View the case here
Option 9: Additional 5oz cylinder to your package




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