USMG Ranger Armor Vest Package

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This Ranger Armor Vest Package is specifically designed to replicate a standard load-out for tactical operators in combat theaters right now…and features the double stitching, combat-tough buckles, and other rugged features that will withstand years of abuse. With its unique configuration, the Ranger Armor Vest Package is set up for an engineer, a rapid-deployment player, medic, or other player who needs to travel fast and light while carrying gear (hands-free) critical to completing their mission.

This vest was spec’d out by US military veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, to represent the combat-effective arrangement of pouches on their soft body armor. The abundance of MOLLE-interface straps and webbing on the vest are ready to accept the included pouches and mag holders, which have MOLLE-interface straps themselves so you can attach additional pouches, holsters, and related gear.

Stay hydrated with the MOLLE Camel Pack, which holds several liters of water that you can access via a flexible drinking tube—just like operators use in combat to stay hydrated. You can even attach your choice of additional pouches to the MOLLE Camel Pack!

The Combat Lifesaver Pouch is roomy enough for a real-world medical kit, or for use as a dump-pouch for empty magazines…and storage for “det cord,” “medic tape/bandages,” and other gear. To keep you well-armed in the fight, the Ranger Armor Package comes with two sets of mag pouches: one set that holds two T68/468 magazines at the ready with bungee restraints to hold them securely in place, and one set that holds two sidearm magazines. Place these pouches virtually anywhere on the Ranger Armor Vest to create a comfortable, intuitive load-out that is perfectly adapted to your mission…

…and when your mission changes, you can easily add more pouches, holsters, or other MOLLE-interface gear! The flexibility is yours, and the durability will keep you in the fight for years to come.

*This product does not offer ballistic protection from firearm projectiles

Key Features:

- Full mil-spec MOLLE interface
- Reinforced seams
- Quick-detach buckles
- Includes hydration pack
- Hook-and-loop field for patches


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