USMG Ranger Armor Vest Machine Gunner Package

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The Ranger Armor Vest Machine Gunner Package is designed to provide you the look, feel, and utility of a soft armor load bearing vest…that comes outfitted to provide heavy gunners, machine gunners, and players who use old school hoppers, with a good amount of spare paint in traditional tubes.

The Ranger Armor Vest is designed to provide your arms a wide range of motion while its durable material wraps around your torso, offering a degree of protection from incoming paint and airsoft BBs. The vest is easily adjustable to fit over a wide range of body types, and over thin or thick clothing, to provide you extraordinary utility. Covered in mil-spec MOLLE interface loops, it is ready to accept the included pouches, and your choices from a wide range of MOLLE interface holsters, pouches, and other accessories.

The Machine Gunner Package comes with two pouches that each hold a high-capacity paintball tube, ready to be used to reload your RAP4 Box Mag or old school hopper. A Camel Pack hydration system is included to keep you hydrated all day long, and it is covered in MOLLE loops so that you can mount additional pouches or other accessories directly to it. The Machine Gunner Package also includes a Combat Lifesaver Pouch, which is ready to accept your medical kit or serve as a dump pouch for your spare magazines or other equipment.

When you want a comfortable, ergonomic soft armor type load bearing vest, and you want it ready to accept traditional high capacity paintball tubes—without weighing you down—your best choice is the Ranger Armor Vest Machine Gunner Package!

*This product does not offer ballistic protection from firearm projectiles

Key Features:

- Soft armor look, feel, and utility
- Full mil-spec MOLLE interface
- Reinforced seams
- Flexible padding
- Includes hydration pack


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