DuraCoat Shake and Spray Kit (Tan)

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Now your can refinish your firearm in as easy as 1-2-3 with the exclusive Prep 'N Spray system. All you need to do is degrease with the enclosed TrueStrip and scrubbing pad, mix your DuraCoat in the provided jar, and spray! The new Shake 'N Spray DuraCoat Finishing Kit includes 4 oz. of DuraCoat, TrueStrip Cleaner/Degreaser and a Preval Aerosol Sprayer.

This kit allows you to apply DuraCoat like an aersol!

1. Apply TrueStrip to weapon/part & scrubbing pad, and degrease weapon/part.
2. Dump DuraCoat and Hardener into supplied jar, mix, and
attach hose to Preval Sprayer, & then screw Preval Sprayer on to jar.
3. Spray weapon or part with DuraCoat, in layers, waiting 2-3 minutes between applications.

Includes the following components:

-Duracoat hardener 10ml
-Trustrip cleaner/degreaser 6oz
-Duracoat matte black coating 4oz
-Scrubbing pad
-Aerosol sprayer w/ jar
-Instructions also included

ORM-D. These items can only go specific Ground shipping methods. These are smaller quantities of Hazardous material and have many of the same restrictions.

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