Tactical Modular Ranger Paintball Vest

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The Tactical Modular Ranger Paintball Vest is designed from the vest-up to offer the optimal configuration for special-ops players. It includes pouches to carry four modern carbine magazines, each held in a quickly-accessed open-top pouch secured with bungee straps. After changing out your magazine, you’ll have a spare to take care of…which is where the Combat Lifesaver Pouch comes into its own as a dump pouch, unless you choose to pack it with other gear (or your own medical kit).

To build this vest, we start with the USMG Load Bearing Vest, which is covered in mil-spec MOLLE loops to accept a wide range of pouches, holsters, and accessories, placed exactly where on the vest you want and need them. The vest is rapidly donned and doffed courtesy of the tough zipper in front, and the quick-detach buckles on straps that help secure the vest across your chest. The vest accommodates a wide range of body types, and interfaces with battle belts to further enhance its tactical utility.

The Tactical Modular Ranger Paintball Vest also comes with a two-mag pouch for your sidearm magazines, and a nametag pouch that is ready to accept your hook-and-loop-backed name tag or unit patch. To keep you in the game all day long, the vest also includes the MOLLE Camel Pack, a thoroughly modern hydration system that affixes to the MOLLE loops on the back of the vest…and is itself covered in MOLLE loops that enable you to affix even more accessories to it!

Whatever your mission, you’ll have plenty of ammunition, plenty of water, and plenty of hauling capacity left over with the light and versatile Tactical Modular Ranger Paintball Vest!

*This product does not offer ballistic protection from firearm projectiles

Key Features:

- Carries 4 carbine magazines
- Full mil-spec MOLLE interface
- Reinforced seams
- Includes the Combat Lifesaver Pouch
- Includes hydration pack


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