Laser Shot Combined Arms Collective Training System

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The Laser Shot Combined Arms Collective Training System is a comprehensive marksmanship and tactical training system that supports a wide assortment of weapon systems for individual, crew, and collective task training.

  • Large immersive displays with individual eye-point controls per weapon for tactical training or views for crew and squad training maneuvers
  • Unique use of VBS2 for both “lanes” training and tactical scenario based military training
  • Scalable to accommodate team, squad, company or battalion training elements
  • Compatible with indirect fire weapons and optics to train student in Forward Observer (FO), Forward Air Control (FAC), Fire Direction Control (FDC) and mortar crew skills proficiency
  • Use with any of Laser Shot’s inert or simulated recoil, laser-based training weapons

The Combined Arms Collective Training System is a combination of 2 Laser Shot Training Systems:

A.  LS01100 - 3 Lane Modular Training System
Includes the following Items
6x LS01101 - Laser Detection Camera System
3x LS01102- Weapon Interface
6x LS01103 - Ram Mounts
4x LS01104 - Lucas Hasp Keys
4x LS01105 - LS 22U Rackmount Computers
1x LS01106 - LS 22U Server Rack
1x LS01107 - USB Keyboard & Mouse
1x LS01108 - USB Microphone
3x LS01109 - LS Ultra Short Throw Projectors
3x LS01110 - Projector Mounts
3x LS01111 - Custom Wide Dispersion Speaker Systems w/Aamplifier
3x LS01112 - 7 x 12 Wraparound Screens
4x LS01113 - Course of Fire (Homeland Security Version)
1x LS01114 - Cable & Wiring Installation Pack

B.  LS02100 - 1 Lane Long Range Precision Shooting Simulator
Includes the following items
2x LS02101 - MOS Laptops
1x LS02102 - Optitrack S250E: Slim Camera
1x LS02103 - Weapon Interface
1x LS02104 - Ram Mount
1x LS02105 - LS Series II Speakers
1x LS02106 - LS Video Projector
1x LS02107 - LS UPS Battery Back-up
1x LS02108 - 6 x 8 Wraparound Screen
1x LS02109 - 1650 Pelican Case
1x LS02110 - 1750 Pelican Case
1x LS02111 - Long Range Precision Shooting Simulator Software Package
1x LS02112 - Simulated Rifle Scope

Simulated Training Weapons (inert capabilities only, non-recoiling)
3x LS01115 - AK-47 Rifles
1x LS01116 - PKM Machine Gun
1x LS01117 - RPG-7 Launcher
3x LS01118 - CZ-75 Hand Gun
1x LS01119 - AR-15 Rifle
1x LS02113 - SVD Sniper Rifle 

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