Laser Shot PSATS (Portable Small Arms Training Simulator) Package

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The Portable Small Arms Training Simulator (PSATS) from Laser Shot is the perfect addition to your business. It provides hours of highly realistic tactical shooting challenges for your customers, provides an exceptional special attraction for special events (like birthday parties), and offers a high tech way to train in small arms shooting indoors, virtually anywhere. Quieter than firearms and without their ballistic considerations, the PSATS provides a dynamic attraction that one person can easily transport and set up virtually anywhere to attract customers, entertain guests, or provide an additional revenue source for businesses that attract shooters.

The system consists of a high definition projector, a durable screen, a thermal camera, and other (included) components needed to establish a temporary shooting simulator inside your business, rented space, office, or home. The simulator provides customers and employees with a full-size, live action small arms shooting simulator that creates something of a live-action shooting, where a master computer controls targets, threats that engage the shooter, and more. Special training features teach shooters military shooting positions and combat doctrine, should they want a virtual walk-through ahead of diving into target shooting and tactical simulations—something you can’t easily get even with traditional firearm training!

What truly sets this system apart is the way it’s designed to work with any paintball gun (shooting rubber training balls) to create the most realistic shooting experience possible…because it is set up for use with real projectiles! The thermal camera (included) tracks the impact points of your projectiles, and the master PSATS computer correlates them with the targets on screen. Thus, the shooter gets to shoot real projectiles, from a paintball gun that really discharges, at the screen…and has to reload, brace their gun, and otherwise operate the gun just like a duty-issue firearm.

This system is perfect to use with the compressed air powered training markers or commercial paintball guns you already own, and is ideal for integration with your RAP4 468—the most realistic compressed air powered gun ever created for reproducing the M4/M16 family of battle arms.

The PSATS can be transported easily, and set up by a single person. It is perfect for establishing a dynamic, fun attraction at birthday parties or other special events, for adding to your existing paintball or airsoft business as an attraction for younger or more impact-averse players, or as the perfect complement to your shooting, hunting, or outdoor equipment store.

Truly dedicated paintball players, hunters, or target shooters, can use the PSATS system to train on rainy days, at night, or when they can’t get range time. It’s the ultimate training tool for running drills, and practicing in places where you can safely shoot rubber training rounds…but not live ammunition.

For businesses, it offers a truly unique attraction with unparalleled wow-factor.

All you need to operate the PSATS package is electrical power, a small space, and shooters armed with any paintball gun loaded with common rubber training rounds!

The Portable Small Arms Training Simulator includes:

- Laser Shot performance computer
- Wireless keyboard & mouse
- Speakers
- Simulator software
- Hard carrying case
- High resolution video projector
- 6’x8’ projector screen
- Thermal shot camera
Estimate Delivery Time: 45 - 60 days

Please note: The video shown above does not indicate the package contents. It is for demonstration purposes only.



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