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Our 468™ AR Wrench is the ultimate armorer’s tool for those who shoot 468™, T68, or similar M4-pattern mil-sim paintball markers…and for those who shoot the real steel M4/M16 or AR rifles. The wrench is designed as the only tool you need for removing handguards, collapsible stocks, flash hiders, barrels, and more.

The wrench even features a square hole for accepting torque wrench heads, and has a three tooth castle nut wrench built into its shank for unlocking the castle nut that holds your stock’s buffer tube to the receiver…and a single tooth stock wrench should you need to work on a stock with a non-standard nut.

This wrench is all you need to break down your AR-pattern rifle, whether it’s a 468™ or a duty-issue M4. That’s as real as it gets!


Length: 12.5 inches
Weight: 21 oz
Tools: 7

Key Features:

-- Castle nut wrench
-- Torque drive port
-- A1 and A2 flash hider wrenches
-- Barrel wrench
-- All steel construction


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