Tacamo Bolt/Blizzard/MKV DMAG Magazine Well

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The MKV DMAG Magazine Well will come with all the necessary parts to allow you to use the DMAGs.
This magazine well will work with the Tacamo Magazine Conversion kit for the Tippmann 98, US Army Project Salvo, US Army Alpha Black, US Army Carver One, Valken SW-1, and BT-4 Combat.

20 Round DMAG™ Shaped Projectile™ Spring (2 Pack)
DMAG can also load Shaped Projectiles, Smart Rounds, and First Strike Rounds - for best loading result with these types of projectiles replacement upgrade springs are available. More information can be found here 14 Round Springs / 20 Round Springs
MKV/MK5 Shaped Projectile Modified Bolt If DMAG is used to shoot with your MKV/MK5 Shaped Projectiles, Smart Rounds and First Strike - it is recommended to upgrade to the stronger springs for improve consistent feeding. More information can be found here MKV/MK5 Shaped Projectile Modified Bolt


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