Virtue Clock Handheld Chronograph

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Monitor feet per second (FPS), balls per second (BPS), and velocity consistency (avg, +/-) with a single handheld unit. Used by the PSP, Millennium, NPPL and every other major paintball league.

Key Features:
  • Power Efficient OLED screen
  • FPS Reading: Displays most recent and/or peak FPS
  • FPS History: Stores 15 rapid fire shots in scrollable memory
  • Velocity Consistency:  +/- variation of a string’s velocity consistency
  • Average FPS: Average velocity of a string
  • Game & Break Timer: Game timer, with optional Break Timer
  • Balls Per Second: Peak BPS (with scrollable history)
  • Clock: 12-hour Clock.
  • Rail Accessory Mount
  • Tripod Mount
  • Kensington Laptop Lock Slot
  • 2-slot Allen Key Holder
  • Heavy Duty Ballistic Glass Filled Nylon
  • Tool-less 4-AA battery door

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